Internet Advancement

Internet Advancement allows you to enter youth advancements, awards, and merit badges and perform the following actions:

  • Select members from your existing roster,
  • Review, update, or add ranks, merit badges, and/or awards,
  • Access an online Review Unit Roster feature and the Unit Advancement Summary,
  • Print an Advancement Report with a Unit Awards Summary to assist in purchasing.

Before beginning Internet Advancement, collect all member information, including advancement records, award records, and merit badge applications with the appropriate signatures.  To complete Internet Advancement, you must be connected to a printer to print the final report.  

For assistance, you can consult the help documentation for instructions on using Internet Advancement. This portal requires you to turn on compatibility mode if you are using Internet Explorer 9 or greater.

Enter Internet Advancement Site | Internet Advancement FAQs | Orientation Powerpoint

How it Works:

Internet Advancement makes it easy for unit leadership to record awards, ranks, and merit badges to youth via an online process.  This system is separate from Internet Rechartering, but uses a similar concept.

  1. Select a unit advancement processor. This person must have Internet connectivity and Microsoft Internet Explorer.  They will use the unit access code to access the online system.    
  2. Gather information for advancement, including merit badge applications and advancement records with dates.
  3. Follow the instructions in Internet Advancement to process advancements and print an advancement report.
  4. Have the appropriate people sign the printed unit advancement report and submit it to the council. Save a copy for your files.

At any time during the year, the "unit advancement processor" from each active unit will be able to record advancements to youth member records. And, they'll also be able to print a unit roster at any time. The roster is the most current information from ScoutNET, and it will include the person ID for each adult and youth member.

Ranks must be recorded based on program identifications and in the correct rank and date sequence.  Only the Eagle Scout rank cannot be awarded by this process.  That will continue to be processed through the Scout Service Center.  The signed advancement sheets and blue cards  will still be required in the Scout Shop for purchase of awards

Available Reports:

  • Unit Advancement Summary shows ranks, merit badges, and awards saved in each person record for current registered members in your unit.
  • Advancement Report lists each youth member that has new ranks, merit badges, and awards, if any. This is the official unit Advancement Report to be signed and submitted to the Scout Shop for awards.  Ranks will still need board of review date and signatures. The Eagle process will remain the same. Blue merit badge cards are still required for merit badges.
  • Unit Awards Summary lists the number of new ranks, merit badges, and awards by name as a shopping list.
  • Advancement Update Summary lists any ranks, merit badges, and awards that were already in the member record along with any new additions. 

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