Webelos to Scout Transition

The passage from Cub Scout pack to Boy Scout troop should be smooth, with no time lost in between. By the time Webelos Scouts are ready to cross over, they and their families should be familiar and comfortable with the youth and adult leaders of the troop, their role in the troop and troop activities, and feel excited about beginning this new adventure. The Webelos Scout's graduation ceremony should clearly signify his transition to a new level of Scouting, and could include the presentation of his Arrow of Light Award, a Boy Scout Handbook, and a troop neckerchief.

A Webelos Scout who has earned the Arrow of Light Award has now completed all the requirements for the Scout badge and may join a Boy Scout troop.

Improving Webelos Transition

The key factor to improved Webelos transition is the ongoing working relationship of the leaders of a Cub Scout pack and a Boy Scout troop. Ideally a community organization would have both a pack and a troop with leaders who work together to help move Webelos Scouts into a Boy Scout troop the same way schools move students from elementary school to middle school.

There are a number of ways a pack and troop can work together to enhance the Scouting experience of their boys. To help assure maximum transition requires cooperation between the Cub Scout Pack, Boy Scout Troop and Unit Commissioner. By planning and coordinating their efforts, the pack and troop can ...

  • Help make the Webelos-to-Scout transition seamless.
  • Give all Webelos Scouts a chance to experience the fun and excitement of Boy Scouting.

Seamless Transition Steps

Below are some ideas on what you can be doing to make transition seamless and successful.


  • Get names, addresses, and telephone numbers of second-year Webelos Scouts.
  • Mail a letter of introduction from the Boy Scout troop to second-year Webelos Scouts (and their parents) to introduce them to the troop.
  • Put second-year Webelos Scouts on the mailing list to receive the troop newsletter and/or emails.
  • Make sure there’s a den chief for each Webelos den.

During the month of January/February:

  • Host Webelos Scouts and their parents at a Boy Scout troop meeting.
  • Plan a bridging ceremony for the Blue and Gold banquet in February to welcome graduating Webelos Scouts to their new troop.
  • Attend a meeting of first-year Webelos Scouts to introduce them to Boy Scouting.

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